>Purchasing BARGAIN BIN domains from Domainiacs

How To Buy from the Bargain Bin

All domain name sales are subject to the Domainiacs.com /.net Disclaimer.

Bargain Bin domains are domains that Domainiacs is making available to buyers at SUPER LOW pricing. Domains are generally good brandable domains or keyword/topical domain names.
Domains listed may be closeouts we wish to sell quickly or domains we just acquired from other domain brokers or through expired domain drops.

Domains listed in the Bargain Bin category have BUY prices listed and are not subject to a 'make offer' sale. These domains are subject to prior sale. Email to confirm availability.

Payment for domain names may be made via Paypal© ONLY.
All fees are at the buyers expense. ALL payments made via Paypal or must add 4.8% to the negotiated purchase price for the transaction fee. All payment made via PaypalŠ MUST be made from a VERIFIED account with address or payment will be returned with the transaction fees deducted.

The seller of the domain name reserves the right to reject any and all offers. Should there be a minimum offer price set, any offers not meeting the minimum offer may be ignored. Minimum offer prices are NOT sales prices. If you make an offer on a domain and it is accepted you will receive a confirmation email within 7 days, normally far less. If you offer is NOT accepted, you will NOT receive any notice and you are free to make a new offer if you so desire. In some cases where there is a close and resonable offer we may reply with a counteroffer for the sale of the domain. Some registrars require that a domain not be transferred away from the to another registrar until the domain has been in the account for at least 60 days. In this case an account with the current registrar can be created, most time free of charge, and the domain transferred into that account. Failure to respond to the confirmation/acceptance email within 48 hours of our sending it will result in the offer/acceptance being cancelled and the domain returned to inventory. Payments made after this time may be returned with any fees incurred deducted. We also retain the right to not make available for sale any posted domains at our discretion. All listings are subject to prior sale. Domainiacs.com/Domainiacs.net may list domains for sale that are not owned or controlled by them but are provided for third party sellers and or advertisers. We will forward all information and offers to the seller/domain owner and all negotiations will be between the seller and buyer and Domainiacs.com will not be a party to any these negotiations nor responsible for the results. We suggest that an escrow service be used for any of these purchases. Any transfer costs involved with domain name transfer to the new owner will be at the buyers expense unless negotiated to be otherwise. Most registrars do not charge a fee for transfer of the domain to a new owner. If a domain is currently being held with the registrar Enom.comŽ the purchased domains will be transferred directly to the buyers account. It the buyer does not have an account with this registrars then one can be created for them, at no charge, and the domains transferred to this account. All account information including log in, passwords, etc will be provided to the buyer so they may manage the domain if we create the account for you. The buyer will of course have to option of transferring the domain to any registrar they choose(pending meeting any domain aging requirements set by the current registrar). In this case the transfer will be initiated by the buyer and any costs involved in the transfer will be at the buyers expense.